Congregant Survey Results – January 2017

Thank you to those who responded to our congregant survey. We had a response rate of 32 percent, which is an excellent level of participation.
We reviewed the survey findings at our mid-year congregational meeting on Sunday, January 22, 2017. In summary, the survey either confirmed or informed us of the following:

– Our congregational population is heavily weighted toward members above the age of 55 years, most of whom have been affiliated with CSZ for more than 25 years.

– Approximately half of survey respondents attend services at least ten times per year, while nearly half attend only at the High Holidays.

– Among those providing verbatim comments, many expressed the desire to have a shorter service or a more participatory service – there were also a number of comments suggesting that CSZ hold an alternative or contemporary service to attract younger adults and families.

– Approximately 10 percent of survey respondents expressed a high interest in improving basic synagogue skills such as reading Hebrew or learning prayers.

– A slightly lower percentage of survey respondents expressed a high interest in learning more advanced synagogue skills such as leading services or chanting Torah.

– Approximately 20 percent of survey respondents expressed a high interest in attending Friday night services.

– There was also a significant level of interest in programs that encourage socializing among members within various demographic groups, speakers, musical events, and community service projects.

We’ve identified the following areas of focus as our next step in utilizing the survey findings:

– Create additional emphasis on outreach to young adults and families.

– Develop actions to meet the needs of those wanting to improve synagogue skills, both basic and advanced.

– Leverage Berman Night of Learning to include speakers on topics of interest expressed through the survey.

– Develop a more robust plan to address interest in community service projects.

In order to move forward with these next steps, we need to hear from you.  We have a short list of people who provided their names on the survey and who are interested in further developing their skills or planning a program, but we would like to hear from more of our congregants so we can design classes and programs that best fit your needs.

For those of you who were unable to attend on January 22, Click HERE to review a PDF of the presentation. We encourage you to read through the presentation and to ask questions and/or provide feedback. Please send feedback to

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