CSZ Hosts the Conservative Community High Holy Days Learning – August 30

CSZ hosts the Conservative congregations for learning sessions in preparation for the High Holidays.

Rabbi Aaron Bergman
How to Take the High Road in a Low World

Rabbi Yonatan Dahlen
The King is in the Field: Prayer and Vulnerability During the Days of Awe

Rabbi Robert Dobruisin
Singing Dayenu at Rosh Hashanah? How Everyone’s Favorite Seder Song Reflects – and Conflicts with – the Themes of the High Holidays

Rabbi Robert Gamer
A Kabbalistic Understanding of High Holiday Liturgy

Rabbi Shalom Kantor
The Sacred Act of Teshuvah:
How Do We Get to Our True Selves Through the Holidays?

Rabbi Mitch Parker
Aleinu: History, Meaning and Controversy

Rabbi Steve Rubenstein
Mussar for the High Holy Days and Everyday

Rabbi Rachel Shere
Unataneh Tokef

Rabbi Aaron Starr
Stories and Tales for the High Holy Days

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