Seder Songs

Dear Friends,
I am pleased to offer Seder songs I recorded for anyone to use to spice up their Seder experiences. Please click on the links below to hear the music.
I also added some Passover Parodies and lyrics, to add some fun to your Seder. Scroll through and give them a listen!

For sheet music, please contact me directly at or 248.357.5544.

~ Hazzan David Propis

Kadesh Order of the Seder:

Kiddush for Passover:

Ha Lachma Anya:

Ma Nishtana 1:

MaNishtana 2:

Avadim Hayinu:

The Ballad of the Four Sons:

V’hi Sh’am’da:


Birkat Hamazon:

Eliyahu Hanavi:

Ani Ma’amin:

Chad Gadya Hebrew:

Chad Gadya English:

Adir Hu:

Echad Mi Yodea:

Quen Supiese:

L’Shana Haba’a 1:

L’Shana Haba’a 2:



Seder Parody Songs

Do You Hear Our People Sing?:

Lyrics: Do You Hear Our People Sing

Some Enchanted Seder:

Lyrics: Some Enchanted Seder

Say a Real Big Prayer:

Lyrics: Say A Real Big Prayer

All We Ask of You:

Lyrics: All We Ask Of You

Manischewitz Wine:

Lyrics: Manischewitz Wine

Sweet Kosher Wine:

Lyrics: Sweet Kosher Wine

I Want to Wash My Hands:

Lyrics: I Want to Wash My Hands

That’s a Matzah:

Lyrics: That’s a Matzah

Why You Are Here:

Lyrics: Why You Are Here

Goodbye, Goodbye, Mitzrayim:

Lyrics: Goodbye Goodbye Mitzrayim

The Gambler:

Lyrics: The Gambler

We’ll Cross the Sea:

Lyrics: We’ll Cross the Sea

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