Read With The Rabbi: Because My Soul Longs For You

October 21, 2021    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Read the book Because My Soul Longs For You: Integrating Theology Into Our Lives, then join Rabbi Aaron Starr for a discussion and Q & A with the book’s co-editor, Rabbi Elaine Zecher.

Join us on Zoom. Please click HERE to register and receive the link to join.

Because My Soul Longs for You seeks to answer one of the most enduring human questions: Where can we find God in our lives? While Jewish theologians have long pondered the “God question” from ethical and philosophical perspectives, the last century has made space for a more experiential theology: God is present in our lived experiences. Radical amazement, to use Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s phrase, can be found in everyday life. Contributors to this volume share how they welcome God’s presence into their lives, as well as the theological language they use to think and speak about this presence. Chapters explore how we experience God through prayer, text study, poetry, food, music, service, movement, meditation, interpersonal connection, and much more.