Shiurim B’Internet V’Od – 2020-2021 Hybrid Classes

Due to the current social gathering restrictions in our community, and projected restrictions this Fall, CSZ Religious School will feature a new schedule composed of fantastic new online learning, and appropriately spaced in-person experiences.

Shiurim B’internet V’Od includes weekly online classes on Sundays and Tuesdays, outdoor physically distanced in-person experiences on Sunday mornings, virtual Shabbat learning, and specialized individual and small group tutoring on Thursdays for B’nai Mitzvah students.

Shiurim Yom Rishon – Online & In-Person Learning Sundays
Starting October 4, 2020, CSZ Religious school will begin its first hybrid online and in-person Sunday classes.

The day will begin with an outdoor, physically-distanced Sunday morning Family Havdalah program at 9:30 a.m. This weekly program will take place on the William Saulson Pavilion at CSZ, and will be webcast live for students at home, with opportunities for interactive online student and family participation.

After a small break, individual online Sunday classes will begin at 10:30 a.m. for grades K-7. Online classes on Sundays will typically last for 45 minutes, with each class focusing specifically on grade-specific Hebrew language learning, T’fillot (prayer) cognition, with Torah, Jewish holiday, and Shabbat ritual training. Each grade’s online classes will include game-based education, multi-media integration, and at-home activities.

Grades 6 & 7 Sunday online classes will be focused on individualized B’nai Mitzvah training, as well as class-based Mitzvah projects, and Torah learning.

Shiurim B’Shevuah – Online & In-Person Learning Weekdays
Tuesdays (Grades K-7) and Thursdays (Grades 6 & 7 and extra credit)

Weekly classes this year will be different as well. CSZ Religious School will be offering online classes for grades K-7 on Tuesdays. Classes will begin at 4:30 p.m. online.

Grades K, 1, and 2 will join Kitah Sababa. This is CSZ Religious School’s innovative online class which focuses on Aleph-Bet learning and basic Hebrew prayers. This class also includes interactive games, music, and stories. It is the perfect weekly Hebrew, T’fillah, and mitzvah refresher for our youngest learners.

Grades K-7 will meet online on Tuesdays with a brief all school T’fillah program from 4:30 p.m. – 4:45 p.m., followed by 45-minute individual online classes for each grade.

Specialized B’nai Mitzvah Training
Weekly classes for Grades 6 & 7 will be on both Tuesdays and Thursdays this year and will be more focused on training our students for their Bat and Bar Mitzvah ceremonies. These classes will feature small group work and individual tutoring to develop each child’s Torah, Haftarah, T’fillah, and D’var Torah skills, as well as their specific Mitzvah projects.

Each Religious School session on Sundays and Tuesdays will include general class time for work on Mitzvah projects and D’var Torah development, as well as individualized and small group tutoring focused on Torah and Haftarah blessings, trope, and scriptural chanting tailored specifically to each student.

In the first two weeks of the Religious School year, each student will develop their Tochnit (plan). This is a B’nai Mitzvah learning schedule which lays out exactly what each student’s learning goals will be for the year at Religious School. Together, with their teachers, and individual tutors, each student will attain and hone the specific skills that they need for their special day.

We are very excited about this new B’nai Mitzvah initiative for Grades 6 & 7 and have been recruiting some of the finest educators in our community to become tutors in this program. If you know of a B’nai Mitzvah tutor who may want to join our team, please e-mail their information to Ari Reis at! And, if you have any questions about this new initiative, please contact Ari and he will be happy to tell you about the details of this exciting new Religious School component.

Shabbat Participation Online
Students in Grades K-5 are asked to tune in to Morah Hillary’s Kehilla Kids Online show at least two Shabbatot a month. Kehilla Kids Online is an asynchronous video class filled with Shabbat learning, singing, and crafting. New episodes premiere on Friday morning and are available anytime afterward on YouTube. Click HERE for the playlist of videos.

Grades 6-7 are required to tune in to CSZ Shabbat services or demonstrate Shabbat observance at least two Shabbatot per month. Links to Shabbat morning services: Zoom or Live Stream.

For information, please contact Ari Reis at