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Shaarey Zedek has always been, at our core, a family.  Connecting our community is at the center of who we are. You can see it in the “magic” that takes place every Shabbat lunch after services. Or the lifelong friendships formed through Sisterhood or even the meet-ups at our weekly Berman nights of adult learning.

Young Adults

Rimonim is CSZ’s family within a family for anyone in the 21-45 age range. Rimonim is a Hebrew word meaning “pomegranates,” a word that is very meaningful to us! The Jewish mystics teach us that every pomegranate has 613 seeds corresponding to the 613 mitzvot or commandments. When we gather together, whether it be for drinks, our monthly Three Stars Havdalah, social outings, learning, or even a weekend getaway, we focus on this beautiful image of planting seeds of goodness, kindness, holiness, and justice. Looking to see what our pomegranate tree is all about? Shoot an e-mail, text, or phone call to Rabbi Yonatan Dahlen, and set up a time to chat, and check us out on Facebook. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to the tree!


Sisterhood is the heart and soul of Congregation Shaarey Zedek. We are cross-generational sisters, and lifelong friends. We celebrate life’s joys and support each other in times of need. We get social and we educate; we participate in social action programs and lead important fundraising efforts for our synagogue and our local and international Jewish community.  We are more than just Sisterhood — we’re family. Connect with Sisterhood at or on Facebook.

Men’s Club

Congregation Shaarey Zedek Men’s Club members meet regularly to enjoy dinner, camaraderie and Talmud at Men’s Night Out at local restaurants, go together to Dinner and a Movie, host breakfast business exchanges, sponsor a Community Men’s Seder each year prior to Passover, and support Synagogue events as a group.

We welcome men of all ages who enjoy socializing, broadening our Jewish experience and supporting our local community. To learn more, contact Michael Tobin at

Empty Nesters

Are you a CSZ Empty Nester? If your kids have flown the coop (for college, marriage or a job opportunity out of state), join us. If those kids have bounced back home, or if you are a member without kids who is searching for a congenial group for outings and events that are entertaining, sometimes educational, and always fun, we’d love to have you! E-mail with your information so we can keep you up to date on our myriad activities! Connect here: Facebook Instagram


Our warm and caring Seniors group hosts engaging programming though the year, such as free monthly musical afternoons, a Chanukah luncheon and musical program, Travelogues and Jewish Historical Society Virtual Tours. We’ve even hosted Technology classes for seniors to assist with smart phones, tablets, connecting on social media and more!

The community is welcome to join us – we even have groups participate from senior residences across the area! For more information on how to be part of our activities, follow us on Facebook, or call 248.357.5544.