Daily Minyan

Daily Minyan

We offer morning and evening minyanim, led by Assistant Cantor Leonard Gutman and lay leaders. Our minyanaires are compassionate, supportive and helpful to those who come to say kaddish or have a Yahrzeit. It is a warm and comforting community, and you might even become a regular. Breakfast is served every morning after services.

Daily minyan times vary throughout the year. Please visit our home page for the latest schedule.

Be One in a Minyan!

Every day, everyone’s presence is important at Minyan,
for yourselves and for others. Please help us maintain a regular Minyan attendance to ensure that our mourners always have the requisite number of Jewish adults in order to say Kaddish.

Check your calendar and click HERE to see when you’re needed, then sign up to let us know when you’re coming! Thank you!