Wisdom and Coffee Summer Edition

July 6, 2024    
10:30 am - 11:30 am

The Origins of the Palestinians: How the Hebrew Bible, the Rabbis, and Today’s Israelis Understand the “Other” People Living in the Land of Israel.

The Jews have never dwelled alone in the Promised Land. Who are the other nations that have been the neighbors of the Jewish people: Enemies or friends? Foreigners or family? Through a survey of ancient and contemporary sources, Rabbi Aaron Starr will lead a discussion on the Jewish perspective of our neighbors from the time of Abraham’s arrival through the beginnings of today’s Palestinian nationalism.

Offered monthly and including a great breakfast, Wisdom and Coffee provides an opportunity for learning and conversation on a Shabbat morning that is entirely separate from our prayer service. Participants may choose to dress casually and come just for the Wisdom and Coffee, or they may stay for the Shabbat service as well. Coffee and a special breakfast will be served.

Wisdom and Coffee is generously sponsored by Shelley and Joel Tauber.