We are and always will be a Conservative synagogue. Are we willing to modernize our view, build upon our legacy and evolve? Absolutely!  We’re doing that already! 

Our Clergy is world-class, modern, relatable and accessible to all. They are in sync with today’s changing world, yet serve as a link to the cherished values and traditions of our past.

We value our legacy and our place in the community as a Conservative synagogue leader. But we are not afraid of change.

  • Our shorter services make it easier for people to attend Shabbat.
  • We focus on relevancy  — with sermons that draw parallels between scripture and current events facing Judaism and society at large.
  • We  build bridges with Jews and our non-Jewish friends to jointly pursue peace.
  • We have experimented with a variety of musical Friday night services and themes, utilizing a wide array of musical instruments.
  • Women play a key role in synagogue leadership and participate equally in services, as Torah readers, Gabbayot and more.
  • Our clergy have a strong social media presence, so followers are treated to robust dialogues on probing (and controversial) subjects.